Body Detox Strategy - The Start Of Vibrant Health

Body detox is for everyone, and that also includes women of color (WOC), especially when it brings your transformation. Are you seeking a higher quality of life that comes with more energy and longevity? Your body is host to hundreds of toxins that could be sabotaging your health. 

I urge you to develop a detoxification plan regardless of where and how you live.  

We all deserve a healthier tomorrow and the know how to maintain and support optimum health now and in the future.

For years I suffered from a combination of a dry cough and the expelling of lots of mucus, tingling in my arms and hands, numbness in my toes, not feeling really sick but not feeling really well either, and was given many different medications to treat them all.  

After many different doctors' visit I was referred to a doctor that specialized in food allergies, environmental illness among other things.  

But an environmental medical doctor ... that stood out to me.

In my mind I said to myself, I don't react violently to anything I eat.  But the truth of the matter is, I am sensitive to certain foods even had food allergies but not the kind where you break out in hives.

Learn more about me and how I learned to self-prioritize.

I became aware of the daily exposure to harmful elements within our environment.  

From the clothes we wear, to our shoes materials, foods we eat, the bottled water we drink - I don't drink commercial bottled water anymore, our toothpaste, mattress we sleep on, to everything that's flying around in the air that can alter the way our body detox works.

It is constantly affecting the body's natural processes, along with its capacity to heal, and for us to maintain vibrancy.

Our liver and other organs are unable to really manage well the glut of toxin within the environment we live in.  This is where herbal cleansing can be of great assistance.

Body Detox Implementation

detox your body implementation can be a really great way to fine-tune your eating habits and to help you upgrade your health, but only if its done the right way!

5-Day whole food detox program for Beginners.

My goal is to provide you with an effective and practical plan for ridding your body of some of the toxins - no one can get rid of all toxins - we would have to clean the planet; but I can help in you achieving wellness.

I'll introduce you to a body detox system, starting with anyone of my seasonal detox programs for beginners that's compiled of whole foods and is for 5 days!  No one is going hungry here.

Experience The Change In Your Body With Regular Bowel Elimination

Constipation is not something we talk about in public, but it's happening.  People are suffering from it and it needs to be addressed, if you are pursuing good health.

After I completed my first year of seasonal body detox programs and my continued food changes, I am now eliminating practically after every meal I eat. Its normal for me to have a bowel movement three times a day ... yes three times daily.

And, once you start experiencing these bowel movements, whenever you don't go you feel the difference within your body.  

To me constipation contributes to the start of our bodies being at Dis-Ease and illnesses start developing.

I hope you get to feel this difference within your body with my body detox diet.

Foods To Eat That Assist In The Removal Of Harmful Chemicals

Food must be tasty or you won't eat it, and most important it must nourish you.  That's why consuming foods that detox the body and nourishes at the same time is important.  

It puts you in charge of reshaping your body and improving your health for a lifetime.

Following my seasonal body detox diet programs can be part of your weight loss and maintenance plan.  And also, including detoxification supplements should be part of our conversation and looked at in detail.

Influential Body Control

There are five influential components that make up the formation of the human body-mind, and they are heredity, physical activity and exposure, emotional and psychological activity and exposure, nutrition and environment.

As long as you are alive, you are never just a body separated from mind.  The habits and preferences of the mind are reflected in the shape and form of the body.  

Let me explain this a bit more.

Because of my experiences in life you might look at me and see a normal happy person, but in truth when I look at myself I see the reflections of my thoughts, how my actions reflects my beliefs and life.

Take a minute to really look at the earth's formation, with its mountains, valleys, riverbeds and uneven topography - they all tell a story.  It is the same with your body, mind and spirit.  Illness begins when our spiritual being is disregarded.  

Therefore to affect lasting results within our bodies, we have to work on mind, body, and spirit detox.

So with a sense of purpose - once developed, and that is a powerful motivator, we can let go of blame, see the bigger picture and maintain a peaceful heart.

Detoxification And You

So the next big question is what exactly is detoxification? Detoxification is a time to renew, to deliberately take specific actions that improves your overall well-being.

When I think of how we live in the US, one of the riches, and medically advanced countries in the world - people come from around the world to be treated for many ailments here - how is it possible that we suffer from so many chronic and life-threatening diseases, some of which are curable and preventable?

My Women Of Color - Eat! Nourish! Glow! Your Health And Body

Body detox strategy.  Women of Color picture.

I am one of those women of color so I can speak to black women or women from the rainbow of colors on issues, both culturally and as part of being compliant within the world's social norms.

We are listed at the highest risk for developing chronic illnesses.  Whenever I see these statements I always wonder what are we doing as women of color to our health, and why aren't we making the necessary changes to save ourselves?

So lets put into practice together how we can exercise our empowerment to make our health a priority.  Unlock the secrets of women of color body detox 101 by joining our newsletter today.

For me this is a work in progress and I hope you'll join me and comment, provide feedbacks.  Its all about our ability to detox and cleanse our many issues.

Body Detox Summary

Life can be long and enjoyable as well as too short, depending on how you look at it.  So I urge you to heed the wisdom of your body and not be the individual that has a slow, chronic, crippling, cell-by-cell demise.

Get started on my detoxifying your body today.

So search, claim the many handbooks offered, and use the practical steps within to reach the level of health that's rightfully yours.