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About Me

Hi and thanks for being curious about me. I help Women of Color Detox live a healthy fulfilling life. Lets have a conversation today.

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Winter 5 Day Detox

Getting started in my winter 5 day detox program is easy. I have a simple, tasty, and effective solution that re-set your eating habits, boost your energy, and help budge that pudge in less than a week.

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Foods That Detox The Body

Do you know there are specific foods that detox the body? The more you know about foods the easier you can distinguish between what harms from those that heal. So, are you only counting calories and not counting chemicals?

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Body Detox 101 Invitation

Body detox 101 facts filled pages of Women of color weekly newsletter. You're invited to join? Let’s manage your body’s toxic overload. And is food your addiction, your love, or a strong part of your emotions? Find out…

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Seasonal Detox Programs – The Longevity Prescription

Seasonal detox programs are for those people who want clear beautiful skin, weight loss, to slowing the aging process, increased energy levels, complement their treatment of chronic illness, and their overall feeling of better health.

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Fall 5 Day Detox For Beginners

Fall 5 day detox of whole foods for beginners to help you feel better, have more energy, and look great (Without Up Giving Real Food!).

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Momentum Of Movement Is A Powerful Force

The momentum of movement is such a powerful force. Try these practices and see for yourself.

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Detoxification For A Vibrant and Revitalized You

Do you know how to take an active role in stimulating your body’s innate ability to cleanse itself through detoxification and maintain peak condition for life?

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Body Detox Sitemap

Savor the free give aways of body detox sitemap, while searching through the many links on how to do a successful detox.

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Skin Detoxification And Achieving A Naturally Healthy State

Here is what is meant by skin detoxification when it comes to having natural skin beauty.

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Detox Diet - Why Is It So Popular

Ever stop to think about why there are so many detox diet programs around? On an intuitive level it seems to resonates with people a lot. But the real truth and meaning behind why we detox seems lost. Lets talk..

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Sugar Detox

Sugar detox isn’t easy, but do you want lasting energy, less belly fat and younger looking skin? Sugar is not sweet to your body. Here’s an opportunity at controlling what you put into your mouth.

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Women Of Color Heart Health

Women of color would you like guidance in making the right choices in keeping your heart strong? Wouldn’t you like to tackle a project that’s ‘challenging’ rather than ‘unmanageable’?

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Detox And Fresh Air Deep Breathing Exercise Techniques

Practice these detox and fresh air breathing exercises on a regular basis as a health improvement technique for your lungs, calm and quiet your mind. Become familiar with these simple connected breaths and return to again and again.

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Body Detox Diet- Take A Look At Yourself

Need help in your body detox diet? Consider your health. Its not about the restriction of food, but its about changing what goes on your plate and into your body.

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