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An Increasingly Toxic World

We live in an increasingly toxic world. Now you have the choice to either bury your head in the sand and pretend it isn't happening or pay attention and do what you can. Here’s how.

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Seasonal Detox Programs – The Longevity Prescription

Seasonal detox programs are for those people who want clear beautiful skin, weight loss, to slowing the aging process, increased energy levels, complement their treatment of chronic illness, and their overall feeling of better health.

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Body Detox Sitemap

Savor the free give aways of body detox sitemap, while searching through the many links on how to do a successful detox.

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Body Detox Secrets That Will Impact Your Life

These 15 self-care body detox secrets along with an action plan can change how you feel and provide your body the personal attention it craves. Download more detailed self-care detox secrets here.

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Seasonal Eating And A Healthier Microbiome

The benefit of seasonal eating is a healthier microbiome. Learn more about the connection between your gut microbiome and how it supports immunity and boosts your overall health and vitality.

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Eating Locally And Seasonally Is Good For A Healthy Gut And Body

Do you know that eating locally and seasonally is good for your health? If you've been experiencing digestive issues, and frequent illness, don't miss my upcoming seasonal eating online class.

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Detox Your Body Plan And Discover Its Many Benefits

Ever detox your body before? Learn how your body may reaction to this new way of eating, and the many beneficial differences with this detox plan. It is only 5-days long.

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Summer 5 Day Detox For Beginners

You’re in for a pleasant surprise from my Summer 5 day detox for beginners. Its 5 days of whole foods to help you feel better, have more energy, and look great in your shorts (without giving up real food!).

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Detox Drinks - Prepare Yourself For A Deeper Cleanse

Prepare yourself and taste buds to enjoy these detox drinks of smoothies and green juices on your journey of a lifetime of health and wellness and part of my 5-day detox plan.

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A Body Cleanse Can Make You Feel Younger

Do you know that with a body cleanse you can look and feel younger than your actual years? Move through the many changes of aging with grace, youthfulness, vitality and health. How, you say?

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About Me

Hi and thanks for being curious about me – Donna; and for visiting wocdetox which stands for Women of Color Detox

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Foods That Detox The Body

Do you know there are specific foods that detox the body? My question - Are you only counting calories and not counting chemicals? The more you know about foods the more easily you can distinguish between what harms from those that heal.

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10 Steps To Detoxification - Recommit To Stronger Healthier You

Follow these 10 steps to detoxification and you’ll lighten your body’s toxic load leading to a healthier you. If your total toxic load becomes too much your body will not be able to keep up. Our body’s bucket overflows; toxins spill out and overwhelm your body.

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Body Detox Program for Women of Color

Are you aware of the many benefits of a body detox? Are you having trouble losing weight? Dealing with chronic illness? No energy? Find out if toxins are to blame and how detoxification can help.

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What Is Detoxification

What is detoxification? And, I respond by saying detoxification is an ongoing aspect of natural living; not a one-time experience, and is to release oneself from poison. Learn more here.

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