Herbal Cleansing

You Won’t Be Disappointed When Used As Part Of Your Internal Health

We’re ready to prove everything we claim about herbal cleansing, and why you won’t be disappointed in using it as part of your cleanse. It is an ancient tradition that’s been used to naturally and safely help the body’s detoxification systems.  

During your detox, meaning while taking herbal supplements, you should not experience major side effects that will disrupt your life.

You should be able to continue on with your regular activities and work. Also any herbal cleansing products you use should cleanse and tone all seven of the body’s elimination channels.

While the drugs you take add to the toxic burden of the body, specific herbs can actually assist in the natural detoxification process.

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Herbs are the oldest form of medical science mentioned in the Bible and has been written about, and used all throughout history to the present day.

I am in awe of the North American Indians and the natives of other countries that were self-taught through tradition on how to use simple herbs to prevent and cure many diseases.

They only knew herbal healing.  But why did they only use herbs? Because herbs are nature’s remedies created by our Creator. 

History has recorded that North American Indians relied heavily on the healing properties of herbs.

I would further state that all cultures of society, including myself coming from the island of Jamaica, have used herbs whether as a laxative, diuretic, for sweat inducing purposes and blood-purifying method to remove toxins.

In fact many of our prescription drugs do have some herbs within their ingredients.

Again, as I mentioned before herbal supplements should assist all seven (blood, colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, and lymph) areas of your body’s elimination channels.

Naturally stimulating all these channels enhances the physical process of a body detox so that it can rid itself of toxins.

During a herbal cleansing you should be drinking lots of water to assist in the flushing out of harmful substances from your bloodstream.

Include, as part of your daily practice the eating of detoxification foods, like chia seeds, should be part of your herbal cleansing plan.

I find it is amazing how the body is synchronized to take care of itself, with all the different organs complementing each other.  There is so much to admire in our body’s natural detoxification methods. So lets help it to work effectively and efficiently.

Remember to always consult with your health practitioner before starting a herbal cleanse.


What To Expect With A Herbal Cleansing

There are formulas that can be purchased at health food stores that cover all types of cleansing procedures. As the toxins get eliminated you should begin to feel physically healthier and more energetic.

Granted it is possible to experience a few minor side effects and discomfort as the toxins are released into your blood stream and these side effects include headache, cramps, skin eruptions. 

But these reactions generally are short-lived, often lasting only a day or two.

To Encourage Toxin Elimination

I encourage you to include at least some of these strategies as part of your herbal regiment:


  • Eating Fiber Daily: Fiber, soluble and insoluble, is a known aid to elimination.
  • Saunas or Steam baths for your skin: The skin is the largest organ of your body and eliminates a lot of cellular waste through the pores.
  • Dry Skin Brushing: Toxin may be eliminated from the skin by brushing it.
  • Pure Air and Water: Remember to keep your air and water as clean as possible with the use of filters.


The remedial properties of herbs, and the juices of fruits and vegetables have been recorded throughout history and memorialized.


The proper use of herbs is important in the recovery of health. The excessive use of certain herbs can result in a real health hazard, so always use in moderation.

Also a warning I want to state is that pregnancy, or while nursing, is not the time to detoxify the body, it is a time for nourishment for you and your baby.

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