Detoxification For A Vibrant And Revitalized You

Detoxification is a normal part of your body's daily processes. So let's talk for a minute about why detoxing is important in the first place.

Hot Lemon Water. Lemon Water

It is your body's natural methods of self-cleaning, or ridding itself of wastes that are all the by-products of its normal function, and also with its dealing of potential harmful toxic invaders.

It's a constant bodily process that continually eliminates.

But here it is the sense that you'll be taking an active role in stimulating your body's innate ability to cleanse itself.

For me detoxification means a total continuous process for the whole body, for all of the body's organ systems, and viewed as a lifestyle or a mindset shift in maintaining quality health. It is part of the powerful force of momentum...see for yourself.

The goal of WOC Detox is to help you through our seasonal - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - body detox programs to enhance or even improve your overall health.

It will definitely help your body to remain toxin free and in peak condition for life.

What do you think of that? Would you like a body that's in peak condition for life and also ask yourself why?

Detoxification And Lowering Your Risk Of Chronic Conditions

Lead and other toxins are stored in the body and can eventually overwhelm the liver. This overload results to chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer's Parkinsonism and autoimmune diseases.

Your body becomes inflamed with inflammation causing foods such as sugar, which is likely the foundation of most diseases.

Now these toxins are foreign substances to your body and your body's natural reaction is to form a protection barrier per se, between them and your own cells, organs and tissues.

Pharmacies Over The Years

I take a low dose high blood pressure medication and compared to say five years ago when my pharmacy had about say five shelves.

Now that same pharmacy that I go to to buy  my medications, and I am sure the one I go to is not the only one, had to extend there space and added more shelves to hold the filled prescriptions that's awaiting pick-up.

Its big business!! We are now taking a lot more medications and they are expensive. Now a big percentage of people's income is spent at the pharmacy.

We have to do the work on ourselves and reign in the spending from our income in this area.

Now some states in the US are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and this is not soon enough.

Don't get me started on the increase of environmental toxins.

So How Can We Rapidly Detox?

The primary ways our body does this is through our liver, our lungs, our skin and our kidneys.

We have to create a flow that efficiently removes toxins from our bodies by speeding up its response. I have listed below how the body does it natural cleansing practice.

Nutrients needed for detoxification should include:

  • Vitamin C (most important nutrient)

  • Selenium

  • B Vitamins

  • Iron

  • Vitamin A

  • Magnesium

Other substances that will help promote a healthy detox are cruciferous vegetables; citrus, in particularly limonene. Limonene you can get from the oil or the peels of a citrus fruit.

Glutathione production is also important (the amino acid called N-acetyl cysteine, or NAC can increase glutathione production).

In total we have six pathways that each detoxifies different substances. This is where chemistry is happening deep in the body systems.

If a detox pathway becomes overloaded, then a buildup of toxins will result in the body.

This is when a body cleanse, an elimination, the excretion - becomes so important, of what's not needed for recirculation out of the body.

Its time to get started on your detoxification within the season you are in right now, so join on any of my whole foods spring, summer, fall or winter detox programs.

And also, learn what to do after a body detox for a continuation of health and wellness.

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