Are You Ready For A Body Detox Weight Loss?

Reach Your Optimum Health By Taking Charge Of Your Transformation

To succeed in achieving and maintaining your body detox weight loss plan, think about these things.  

  • Are you ready to lose weight?
  • Look younger and feel healthier? 


It is important for you to know and understand that several factors contribute to weight gain, two of which are the combination of toxins and a faulty diet. Also, you may already know why you want to lose weight, but do you need to lose weight?  

We already know a healthy weight can reduce your risk to a variety of diseases, help you to live longer and improve the way you feel. But what else?

A Detox And Weight Loss Plan For Longevity

Toxins and a faulty diet create a condition in the body by which you become insulin resistant.  That is your cells becoming desensitized to insulin, making them ineffective in moving your blood sugar or glucose into your cells.  

The right amount of insulin is essential for your life so don't underestimate it.

Your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin in response to your meal.  Insulin's job is to unlock your tissues and escort glucose out of the blood and into the tissue's cells for use as energy.  

So when there is an excess of glucose remaining in the blood, it can cause both fat storage and more inflammation, which then promote even more fat storage.

With my body detox weight loss programs, and they are according to the season we are in, which is of high-quality foods, that promotes elimination, hydration, and exercise; blood sugar balance can be achieved. Therefore, normalizing insulin levels, decreasing inflammation, helping you to lose fat.

But back to the questions of are you ready and do you need to lose weight?  

Your right weight is unique to you and dependent on several factors, and not solely on what you want to weigh. Indulgences and the food on our plate is one of the most dangerous relationships we women of color have formed.

How motivated are you to lose weight?  It also means are you ready to succeed in maintaining your body detox weight loss. And are you dealing with cooking fatigue?

If you are overweight you are probably already at risk or are experiencing diabetes and high blood pressure, with heart attack and stroke on the horizon.  

So approach your weight loss journey with a fresh attitude.  Being healthy is a way of life, so embrace and enjoy it, with an easy to prepare emergency meal plan that has all your favorite meals.

What's A Healthy Weight?

A healthy weight is the right amount of body fat in relation to your overall body mass.

It's the weight that's unique to your body type, reduces health risk, helps in the prevention of premature aging, and allows you to feel energetic.

When you weigh yourself the scale only tells you your total weight, not the other stuff you need to know like how much of your weight is fat.

Body Detox Weight Loss Plan for Women of Color.

The National Institutes of Health tells us there are three ways to determine weight-related health risk and they are:

  • Your body mass index (BMI)
  • The circumference of your waist;  and,
  • Your personal medical history.

So is it time for some serious change for a body detox?

I know weight loss can be hard, this I know because I have tried many, but I am here to tell you it's possible and you don't have to go hungry to achieve weight loss.

'Physical health is the foundation of our lives. Once we free ourselves from extreme foods, the healing mechanisms of the body can be harnessed to overcome our deeper physical and emotional issues. That’s when healing miracles happen.'

-      Joshua Rosenthal, Integrative Nutrition 

But first you have to figure out why you want to lose weight, have a motivator to keep you on track, because they'll be temptation along the way.  

Decide on your own personal reason, and it better not be to please anyone.

For example, start by asking yourself:

  • How much should I weigh?
  • Why do I want to lose weight?
  • How confident am I that I can make the changes in my eating habits and in maintaining them?
  • Do I eat for emotional reasons?
  • What do I need to do to make sure I exercise several times a week?
  • Who will make me accountable?

So get out your notebook or journal and start writing by making a list of why its important to you.

Why Am I Overweight And Need A Body Detox Weight Loss Plan?

This is the million-dollar question that needs to be looked into.  

Because a number of factors, that includes foods with hidden sugar,  play a role in you being overweight and in need of this body detox weight loss plan.

  • Lifestyle factors of eating larger portions, sedentary jobs and increased use of labor-saving devices contributed to the pounds being packed on.

  • Genetic factors of obesity run in the family; thought your genetic predisposition to being overweight is not fate.

  • Medications and illnesses may cause weight gain. Sometimes an alternative medication can be used; we just have to talk to our doctor about our concerns.

  • Or the no foods 'off-limits' labeling that can trigger eating and emotional problems.

  • Pregnancy - where some women retain the weight afterward.

  • Psychological factors of when people emotionally eat or overeat to cope with problems, and are bored.

  • Stopped smoking. But stopping smoking outweighs the health risk from weight gain.

That's why knowing the reasons for wanting to do a body detox weight loss is important, along with finding your healthy weight all being part of the equation in succeeding.

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