What Is Detoxification And Does It Include The Creation Of Healthy New Habits?

What is detoxification?  And, I respond by saying its life at its best with detoxification an ongoing aspect of natural living; it is not a one-time experience.  When you are fully detoxified, you may become dis-ease free, with the ability to have excellent health, longevity and vitality. 

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To me the best part is, through detoxification, one will reverse the aging process and become more youthful, REGARDLESS of age.

It also means preventing and eliminating poisonous relationships, while creating new habits that enhances your life. All part of a body detox strategy of living a joyful life.

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is to release your body, your cellular cells from the poisonous substances residing within the body, along with destructive habits. We all know how harmful or destructive these poisonous areas are to our lives.

That’s why my seasonal (that means, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) 5-day whole foods detoxification programs embraces the ancient art of purification through internal and external cleansing via massage, taking salt baths, establishing a natural living, participating in seasonal nutritional fasting, affirmations, as well as having positive relationships.

Eating As Clean As Possible

You can be mindful of your preferences in the foods you eat without being offensive or unkind to others. Fresh detoxing foods are available throughout the year, with bright juicy berries in the summer and the heartiness of butternut squash in the fall.

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Those are the times when these foods are at their peak and when you should enjoy eating them.

What gets me excited is my looking forward to the different tastes of foods and textures throughout the year. 

At the start of spring we plant and look forward to reaping our own organic garden full of lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, herbs of all different kinds, cabbages, and so much more.

Followed by root vegetables like carrots, beets, eating them at their highest level of nutrients in there natural growing cycle.

So eating the many foods that nature has provided us with can be adventurous and not restrictive. I also have an interesting read about body detox facts on carbohydrates.

What you must do is put your own health first, whether it’s by calling a restaurant ahead or bringing a homemade treat to your friend or family gatherings.

As part of my seasonal 5-day whole foods program, I provide a detailed handbook on eating out as a bonus guide.

So if you are still wondering what is detoxification, think of it as to release oneself from poison. With the dictionary stating – a poison is a substance causing illness or death when eaten, drunk or absorbed.

A healthy world makes for lower healthcare cost and a healthier population.

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