The Goal Of A Detox Or Cleanse

Improvement Of Our Bowel Elimination - We have Nothing To Lose But Our Toxins

Detox or cleanse? Both are interchangeable and neither is right or wrong. A detox rids the body of toxins, while a cleanse is meant to 'clean up your diet'. We spring clean our home why neglect the inner body.

Cleansing and detoxification are essential to our healing and our digestive tract.

Then the question becomes how does the body detox, and with an internal cleanse, like a juice cleanse, effects what's really going on in your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph, intestine and your other body organs?

So how does your body's elimination system works to rid itself of harmful elements during a detox or cleanse?

How Our Body's Excretory System Keeps us Healthy

Our cells generate a number of wastes and all of them must be eliminated, and our body's organs play many roles in removing wastes.

The Goal of a Detox or Cleanse.

Carbon dioxide waste from cells travels in the blood to the lungs where it is exchanged for oxygen.

Wastes are pulled out of the bloodstream by the liver. It either tosses them out into the digestive tract with bile, to leave the body with the feces; or prepares them to be sent to the kidneys for disposal in the form of urine.

Our organ systems work together to dispose of the body's wastes, but the kidneys are waste and water-removal specialists.

The health of your kidneys is very important to your life.

Kidneys removal of toxins is necessary or the non-removal of waste could otherwise damage body tissues. So whatever supports the health of your kidneys supports the health of your whole body.

Kidneys need sufficient energy to do their complex work. So an abundant drinking of water and a strong cardiovascular system are important to keep blood flushing swiftly through the kidneys.

This is important in any detoxification program.

If fluid is not flushing swiftly through the kidneys then you can develop edema. We don't want that to happen - that's not good for you.

A key point to remember here is - the kidneys adjust the blood's composition in response to the body's needs, disposing of everyday wastes and helping remove toxins.

Nutrients, including water, and exercise help keep the kidneys healthy.

The beauty of the human body is it has its own built-in natural detoxification systems; we just need to help it along with a detox or cleanse.

The Importance Of Nutrition And Exercise

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Here is where a nutritious diet and an exercising program become vital, along with a body detox

I know how detoxification has helped me. So with my experiences I know how adaptable the human body is to nutrition and exercise.

Our bodies are always adjusting to new conditions. 

If nutrition and exercise are manipulated in the right way, the result is consistent weight loss.

Using Detox Or Cleanse For Inside To Outside Removal

Doing these things will help you to get toxins from inside your body out.

  1. The skin: Sweating and removal of skin. (skin brush daily during my spring 5-day body detox, sauna, avoid toxic skin products, avoid antiperspirants, avoid synthetics).

  2. The kidneys: Urination (drinking lots and lots of water, drink herbal teas).

  3. The lungs: Breathing techniques (Exercise, along with deep breathing exercises).

  4. The bowels: Pooping (Should be eliminating 1-3 times per day, drinking enough water, eat more fiber, whole foods vs processed foods, enemas and colonics).

  5. The Brain: Your thoughts. Toxic thoughts are more toxic than anything you are exposed to. (Positivity, gratitude, play, music, deep breathing, calm environment, avoid toxic relationships, violent movies and news, media detox).

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