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Women of color would you like guidance in making the right choices in keeping your heart strong? Wouldn’t you like to tackle a project that’s ‘challenging’ rather than ‘unmanageable’? I am from an era of people-pleasing to work-holism and was for a time without a root system of holistic healthcare plan.

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Women in general are the caregivers. We take care of our family, in demanding careers and often forget about our own health.

I heard about Elsa from a friend, and at the time of her heart attack she was a healthy looking 58-year-old with no apparent medical problems. She worked alongside her husband running their own business, very active, and was one of those people who rarely got sick.

One day without warning Elsa began to feel weak and confused. The left side of her body felt numb, and she had difficulty speaking. She suffered a stroke which was the first sign that she had hypertension.

This insidious illness is known as the number one killer of women.


Recent research shows that women of color are uniquely vulnerable to developing heart disease. The taking of birth control pills, especially if they smoke, can boost their risk.

If they had complications during pregnancy such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes it can increase their heart’s vulnerability for years to come.

When it comes to your heart’s health know that the vast majority of cardiovascular disease can be prevented. The earlier you start making the right choices in maintaining a holistic healthcare plan the better.

Make The Choice Of Foods Over Meds, If Possible!

While drugs may be appropriate for those already diagnosed with heart disease, or at a high risk of heart attack or stroke; what often gets lost in your health discussion are dietary changes. This can be your body’s detox/renewal strategy.

Nutrition and diet are just as or as equally important. 

Eating is a delicious and fulfilling action but making healthful choices are not most individual's default choice. The easy choice is the inexpensive, highly processed foods that lack nutrition density. But there are creative ways to shop at the grocery store that save you time and money that allows you to enjoy flavorful whole foods and cleanse your body at the same time.

Using food as medicine is the healing power of nutrition and diet combined.

Nurturing The Women Of Color Emotional Heart!

Factors like financial worries, work stress or the break-up with or the death of a loved one can flood your heart with stress hormones changing its shape. 

I want you to also imagine this remarkable and amazing natural workings of your body for a moment.... Once the emotional state you are in returns to normal, so does the shape of your heart.

Here are some of the many ways you can nurture your heart:

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  • Start with taking the time to maintain healthy personal relationships and minimize work stress.

  • Finding quiet spaces to retreat is important.

  • Also prioritize sleep.

  • But the bottom line is a holistic approach is best. If you want to live a long life, exercise, pay attention to the quality of your relationships, your ability to manage stress, transcend distress, and also eat well.

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