Think About This Introduction To Body Detox

With the introduction to body detox you are in for a pleasant surprise. Because to reach your potential for health and wellness, you'll have to maintain the body’s natural detoxification process. It is something that’s happening continuously within the body every single day, when we breathe, pee and eliminate, we are detoxing.


A long time ago just doing the above was enough to keep us healthy, vibrant and disease-free. Now modern living with its sea of chemicals that surround us, and the poor food choices, makes it harder and harder for our bodies to do their job, and the result is illness.


Illnesses like excess weight, digestive issues, fatigue and many of our chronic diseases. Consider making body detox a natural path to a healthier you.

Detoxes typically are designed to offer specific results, which will vary depending on how long the introduction to body detox program is, and can range from things like clearer skin to weight loss, more energy, and a better night’s sleep. Think of it as part of your spring cleaning strategy.

Why A Body Detox Program?

The reason why I start with an introduction to body detox program is during the duration of a detox or cleanse I am not able to get people to make EVERY change necessary to address all the toxins in their body or in their home.


So to make you more aware let me give just a little overview of the toxic world in which we live:

  • 84,000 chemicals in use in the US, the majority of which have never been tested for safety.

  • The Centers For Disease Control tests for chemicals in the bodies of people in the US, and routinely finds more than 200 inside us.

  • Many of these chemicals are linked to health conditions we’re all trying to avoid: cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, weight gain, resistant weight loss, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalance, infertility, etc.

  • We are exposed to these chemicals by doing normal, every day activities, like washing our hair, putting on make up, eating, cleaning, playing outside...

  • While many exposures are unavoidable, there are many that we can easily address, especially in the home by moving to less toxic, or non-toxic versions.

  • This detox isn’t going to rid you of all the toxins in the body, but it can help reduce the burden they place on your natural ability to detoxify.

Additionally, this introduction to body detox will introduce you to some of the ways you can start reducing your exposure to toxins in the home. I can’t stress enough the importance of a 100% ORGANIC diet, when possible, during the duration of the detox:

Organic farmers produce at the market.
  • Many pesticides are able to be metabolized by the body very quickly, and are excreted via urine and fecal matter. However, chronic exposure (i.e., daily intake of pesticide covered foods) means that we always have some levels of these pesticides in our bodies.

    The easiest way to reduce circulating levels is to avoid conventionally grown foods and buy organic!

  • Studies have shown that eating an 80% organic diet can reduce the amount of circulating pesticides in the body by nearly 90% in just 3-5 days!

Avoid canned foods or storing detox meals in plastic. BPA (or replacement chemicals) in canned foods and polycarbonate plastic can leach easily into the foods that come in contact with them.

BPA is an endocrine disrupting chemical that can block or mimic natural estrogen in the body. Exposure to this chemical is linked to, heart disease,  diabetes, insulin resistance, weight gain, obesity, breast cancer and infertility

BPA doesn’t just build up in the body; like many pesticides, it’s able to clear from the body within 2-3 days. Chronic, daily exposure leads to 98% of the US population having measurable levels in their blood.

While not all plastics have BPA, nearly all plastics leach chemical that are capable of interfering with the hormones in our body.

My Health And Wellness Coaching Programs

The diets I create are based on the individual, not the theory. The theory is based on age, gender, race, blood type, and level of activity. 

I want you to know that your body is programmed to be healthy when provided the right building blocks, such as organic, whole foods. The same diet and lifestyle changes will help almost everyone recover from almost anything. 


The world is a melting pot of different people, cultures, and practices. We’re all hungry to understand the best ways to eat, but sometimes the confusion from thousands of diet books and products steers us away from the concept that basic diet and lifestyle changes can help people recover from almost anything.


Understand your needs and with consistent actions aligned with your needs, you can begin the journey toward living a healthier, happier life.

Introduction To Body Detox Action Steps

As part of your introduction to body detox consider your present relationship with health:

  • Do you have a tendency to view health as a destination or a journey?

  • Are there any healthy habits that are simple and intuitive to you?

  • Are there things you know you should do to improve your health that feel challenging to follow through on?

  • How does this relationship impact your life in the present? How does it impact the lives of your loved ones?

  • If you do not make any changes to your present relationship with health, how will it impact your life in the future? How will it impact the lives of your loved ones?

Choose one area where you’d like to grow and make a list of small steps you can take to become healthier in this area. 

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