WOC 5-Day Detox Your Body Plan And Discover Its Many Benefits!

Ever detox your body before? The difference with this detox plan is, it's based on consuming delicious, fulfilling, quick and easy to make seasonal whole foods. You’ll experience many beneficial and surprising body reactions to this new way of eating.

Let me tell you some of the changes you’ll notice within a week in the way you look and feel.

I love food and show my love to family and friends with flavorful Jamaican meals.  As a (WOC) short for woman of color and from the island of Jamaica where spicey, but heavy meals are part of my culture.

Then my Mother died from ovarian cancer and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure right after. This chronic disease was silently attacking my organs but the stress of my Mother's death brought it to the forefront.

With the medication to control it, came its complications, where I had to change how I prepared my cultural meals, and include physical activities into my lifestyle.

I am one of those people who actually enjoy exercising…granted this was learned or even discovered over a period of time. How alive I felt, my increased flexibility and ease of movements started my love affair with physical activities.

Even with all those added activities my skin was breaking out along with pimples all over my body. I was introduced and have embraced for life the many benefits of detox your body.

Today, I am here to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about the seasonal whole foods 5-day detox programs, and how to get your copy of my 15 self-care secrets and action plan handbook.

I realize that many of you are new to detoxing, so you'll need support in understanding the what, why, and how of the woc body detox program.

Transformation is as much about the mind as it is about the body. You're at the beginning of an exhilarating journey and I'll be right by your side to help you discover and become who you really are.

Food Questions

Detox Your Body.  https://www.wocdetox.com/detox-your-body.htmlSalmon, Arugula, Sweet Potatoes, Mustard Dressing

Is it okay to substitute wild rice for brown rice?

Yes, this is fine. Since wild rice is a seed, not a grain, it is acceptable even in grain-free diets. Also, wild rice contains more protein, zinc, and potassium than both brown and white rice varieties.

Why is no red meat or pork allowed during the detox?

Red meat and pork are not allowed because they are harder to digest than other sources of protein, and our goal is to lighten our foods for the detox week.

Potatoes are not allowed on the detox your body diet, yet many of the recipes call for sweet potatoes. What's the difference?

Sweet potatoes and potatoes DO NOT come from the same plant family. Potatoes (russets, Yukon golds, red, yellow) are NOT allowed on the detox. Sweet potatoes and yams ARE allowed. Here is an article that explains the differences.

Why are peanuts not allowed during the detox? There are many other legumes in the recipes.

Peanuts are problematic for several reasons, including that many people are intolerant but don't know it.

Don't forget that many people who eat peanut butter are eating brands like Skippy and Jif - not the real stuff. I like to shake it up for people and get them trying new things.

Why no tofu while you detox your body?

No tofu/processed soy as they can have high pesticide loads and contain phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen in the body. Soy is also often hard for people to digest.

The program does allow small amounts of fermented organic soy products like miso and wheat-free tamari, which are easier to digest.

Is it okay to eat corn during the detox?

No; corn is not recommended for this detox as it is a food that people commonly have an intolerance. It's also inflammatory and can be hard to digest.

What is a healthy soy sauce/tamari substitute?

Coconut aminos are a great substitute if you don't have wheat-free tamari.

Are there any recommended yogurt substitutes?

So Delicious makes a lovely plain coconut milk yogurt. You can find it in most stores. Fairway and Whole Foods carries Kitehill and Forager brands.

Kitehill is almond-based, and Forager is cashew-based. Also, you could try to make your own coconut yogurt. If you have an Instapot you can make it there!

Yogurt and banana.  https://www.wocdetox.com/detox-your-body.htmlYogurt and Ripe Banana

Is yogurt or homemade unsweetened yogurt OK for the detox?

I encourage you to keep it out, so you are fully dairy free for 5 days. Most people don't realize how much better they can feel.

I was just asked about Milton's chips. Are they just like "Mary's Gone" crackers?

Milton's chips are gluten-free, but unfortunately, they contain lots of other junk. This is the case for many gluten-free products, so remember to read those ingredient labels!

Supplement Questions

In the handbook (Detox Supplement Guide is included with my 5-day body detox program) it says 1000mg of Vitamin B. I can't find anything with that high a dosage. Also I presume you want us to use a B complex?

You'll just need to take more than 1 capsule, and yes, 1000 mg/day is the correct dosage. Also, yes to a B complex.

Is the Milk Thistle meant only for the 5-day period of detoxing?

I recommend that people cycle the Milk Thistle because it can diminish in efficacy over time. So take it for two weeks, then two weeks off, if you want to continue.

Otherwise, I recommend that people save it for their next round of the seasonal detox your body!

Are there people who should avoid the dandelion and nettle teas?

Yes! Dandelion is a type of ragweed, so anyone who has a ragweed allergy should avoid the Dandelion tea.

Milk Thistle is also a ragweed, so any of you who have that allergy should skip the milk thistle, too.

Water/Coffee/Tea Questions

How much water should I drink during any of the season's detox your body program?

Drink ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight each and every day of the program. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs, you'll want to drink 70 ounces of water daily.

Should I buy bottle water for the detox?

There's no need to purchase bottled water, especially because many studies show that bottled water isn't cleaner or better than tap water, and the plastic bottles create enormous amounts of waste. If you have a filter, feel free to use that.

Lemons.  Detox Your Body.  https://www.wocdetox.com/detox-your-body.html

Is drinking lemon water throughout the day just as beneficial as the hot water with lemon first thing in the morning? Is there a difference between hot and cold water?

Ayurveda recommends warm water, as the body absorbs it more easily. Hot water and lemon in the morning flushes out your system.

What about people who can't/won't give up their coffee? I'm sure giving up coffee is probably a biggie for some people. Any suggestions?

It's ideal if you can cut out the caffeine, because most of us don't realize how dependent we are on it and it can be a true addition.

That said, if drinking a cup or two a day is going to be the difference between you doing this detox then do it, have your cup of coffee.

But my question to you is: Is drinking coffee just a habit or do you actually like it?  If you like it, great!  But if you find you just drink it because you are used to drinking it, but don't actually like it, then I am challenging you to move out of your comfort zone.

Common Problems And Reactions When You Detox Your Body

Can pregnant and nursing women do this detox?

I am encouraging you to check with your doctor about participating in a detox your body program before starting.

If you chose to do it, then skip the supplements and pregnant women should skip the Epsom salt baths. They can rub the Epsom salts onto their skin in the shower to get some of the benefits.

It is the third day of the summer 5-day body detox program. I am getting some feedback of symptoms: one has fatigue, another has lightheadedness, another has nausea and headache, and feeling almost flu-ish. I recommended more water, rest, if possible, deep breathing, and just hanging tough. Any other recommendations?

I suggest drinking some green tea, as the caffeine in it helps to expand blood vessels (which relieves headache). Green tea is totally okay in this program.

Epsom salt baths, dry brushing, essential oils - all of these can help calm yucky symptoms as well.

Many people have a MAJOR turning point on the fourth day of a detox your body program.

You can stop the Milk Thistle and Dandelion tea, just in case either of these supplements is causing a reaction.

I encourage you to pay attention to your bodies and what it's asking for. If you need to stop, then stop, it's totally okay to do that. If you can get to bed, you should. 

And you can call your physician as well. Above all, be sure you are drinking plenty of water!!

I am experiencing a great deal of joint pain during the detox, and I have been drinking a lot of water, drinking the detox teas, and really following the plan.

Are you drinking a lot of nettle tea?

Nettle can release uric acid from joints. It could be part of your detox process!

If you're truly miserable, I encourage you to stop taking the supplements and just follow the food protocol.

Also, Epsom salt baths could be very helpful, as well as a Turmeric supplement.

I am enrolled in your detox this week and has had gastric bypass - will this be a problem with the detox program?

Good question. Please check with your doctor and follow all medical instructions.

I just had a cold, can I still detox?

You'll have to make that decision on this one - if you're truly miserable, you probably won't have a good experience.

That said, there's no reason not to detox your body when you have a cold, and you may find that you feel better by eating really nutrient dense foods like what's offered on the detox program.

You are wondering if you can take Advil to help with the headaches during the detox?

It's better if you can avoid Advil, but I know that's not always possible. I am sorry to hear about your headache being so rough. This can happen when we detox our body, especially if we are used to having a caffeine boost in the morning.

Here's what I suggest: drink lots and lots and lots of water. Then even more water. Being hydrated helps to open the constructed blood vessels that are causing your headaches.

You can also try a cup or two of green tea to ease the caffeine withdrawals, but be sure not to drink any after 2 PM, because it can interfere with winding down in the evening for good sleep.

If you are able to skip the Advil for the rest of the detox your body program, which would be great, as it has chemicals and colorants in it that can be hard on the body.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is chewing gum ok? This is a beginner's detox your body after-all.

It is a beginner's detox your body, and, it's important for people to step outside of their comfort zone a little. Skipping the gum will also help you become more aware of your unconscious habits.

Gum has a lot of preservatives and chemicals. It's just 5 days to detox your body; you can do it.

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