10 Steps To Detoxification 

Recommit To A Stronger Healthier You And Start Again

Follow my 10 steps to detoxification that's listed below and lighten your body's toxic load. Over time you'll see dramatic changes to your health.

Daily doses of multiple contaminants have cumulated detrimental effects on your physiological pathways that can eventually impair and cause disease.

So how does your body go about eliminating all these harmful elements?

Toxins are filling up your body's bucket, the toxic burden starts to overflow and your body cannot keep up in the removal. The body becomes overwhelms.  But...

Where Are Your Body's Toxins Coming From?

Your toxins overload comes from:

  • waste products inside the body - the bi-product of intestinal, and from outside body;
  • food toxins, drugs, skin products, cleaning products, plastics, heavy metals;
  • UV radiation, smog, free radicals, molds and fungus, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals, etc.

So how do we help our bodies lighten the load?

Begin by making my 10 steps to detoxification be part of your daily lifestyle, even doing just two daily is a great way to start.

My 10 Steps To Detoxification

10 Steps To Detoxification.   Lady drinking water. https://www.wocdetox.com/body-detoxification.html
  1. Seasonal detoxes (at least 2 times per year or more)

  2. Eating a clean diet, and not eating foods we are sensitive to

  3. Choosing organic foods, and reducing the toxins we are exposed to by eating foods that reduce free radicals and increase the foods that promote detoxification (Eat the rainbow)

  4. sleep, exercise, drink lots of water, deep breathing, spend time in nature

  5. Opening our windows, having plants inside the house

  6. (Skin brush), reduce the chemicals you put on your body

  7. Cleaning with less toxic cleaners (like water, lemon juice, vinegar, etc.)

  8. Not using teflon pans (or other non-stick) or plastics

  9. Improving elimination (pooping)

  10. Improving lymphatic flow (5 ways to move the lymph below)

One thing I have learned is the human body can change with body detoxification.  I'll be there to coach you step-by-step through your transformation journey.

The Importance Of Your Lymphatic Flow

Lymph is a clear fluid filtrate of the blood.

The lymph's job is to remove the waste, debris and disease components such as virus, bacteria and toxic matter.

The lymphatic system drains excess fluid (lymph) that leaks out of your blood vessels and into your tissues.  Without this function, our body would swell and dying quickly is possible.

If your detox pathway becomes overloaded, then a buildup of toxins will result in the body.

So include and make my 10 steps to detoxification be part of your lifestyle.

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