Today Ask Yourself Why!

When you ask yourself why, is one of the reasons to make healthier food choices or to help you stay motivated, or something else? For you to succeed understanding the root reason is important.

Everyone knows the importance of goal setting. To live our best lives, we may need to focus on making healthy food choices, moving our bodies more often, and building solid relationships. But to pursue those goals, stay motivated and to not fall off over time, it’s essential to go deeper. 

So, if we genuinely want to achieve these goals, we must first understand why they are important. 

It could be as simple as wanting to do seasonal detoxification that helps to clear toxins from the cells of our bodies to power our metabolism, blast fat, gain clarity and lose some weight along the way.  Say we decide to make healthier food choices, we must understand the root reason of why….is it:

  • To age in good health.
  • Would like to live longer, healthier, and sexier.
  • To be in better shape than when we were younger.
  • For life to be fun again.
  • Fit into a certain clothing for a special occasion.

Reasons That Motivate To Ask Yourself Why

Ask yourself why.

If we want to move our bodies more, we can stay motivated by having a reason. Or...

  • Do we want to live longer?
  • Or spend more time traveling, which requires walking or hiking?
  • If we intend to build strong relationships, we must know what the purpose is.
  • Are we looking for a foundation of friends to surround us when times may feel tough?
  • Maybe to have people to celebrate life with and grow old together? 

Taking Charge Of Your Life

It doesn’t matter the rationale behind any of these goals, as long as you know what it is. Goal setting is a holistic process that truly is a journey of digging deep.

I hope you care enough about yourself, your life, your family, and friends to be interested enough to do new stuff, to have a decent body and a good attitude to go into your next third part of life, to keep going, to want to dig in, and gain more clarity.

And when the reasons to keep pushing forward escapes you to respectfully say to yourself "I do".

Today, ask yourself why….and make the decision to join me in all of my seasonal whole foods body reset plan where you might gain new friends.


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