The Biology On Food To Reinvent The Body You Want!

Do you know there’s a biology on food? And that you can eat yourself to optimal health? Without a doubt your body needs reinventing, and I want to prove to you that you have the power to accomplish that.

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The biology is obesity is driven by the make up or the dietary composition of the specific foods you are eating and not the amount of food you eat or calories. Discovering this was heaven sent for me because I love food and it is a defining feature in my life. Is it the same for you?

The question then becomes is food addiction real, and is it psychology or biology?

Is this why most diets fail and are certain foods biologically addictive?

That’s why include a mindful eating program for you to thrive and feel in control. You might ask what is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is you focusing your attention and awareness on your eating practices on a regular basis. It may help you to create a more satisfying relationship with food and eating than you have ever imagined or experienced.

The world we live in today have your body at a constant risk for contamination and disease. Its an environment where viruses and germs can overwhelm your body’s immune defenses.

That's one of the many reasons why your body needs reinventing, and every generation has experimented with the body, strange as that sounds, and one of the many ways are vaccinations.

As with every generation we have learned how to help our body to heal itself by starting with a program that is easily implemented and is for a short time. From a biological point of view there’s no reason why the body should be flawed.

Yo-Yo Dieting

Every food you eat alters your metabolism, electrolyte balance and proportion of fat to muscle.

As a society its normal for us to shift back and forth between overeating and restrictive eating cycles. We have an occasion coming up and we have to fit into a certain size dress, so we have to lose 10 pounds within a month or even two weeks.

But with yo-yo dieting you’re either in control or out of control, there’s no real in-between. So what can you do to avoid this way of eating.

Are you ready for a change?

With 4 seasons programs will have you eating satisfying seasonal whole foods that grows in the environment you live. It is 5-days of eating your environmental biology on food you love to eat, so there’s no need for an endless supply of will power and self-control. You’re eating your favorite foods.

You’ll discover how to eat a balance of nourishing foods free from guilt and deprivation. This happened for me and hopefully will for you also – it is when you introduce a new intention, your body finds a way, on its own, to adapt to anything you want.

Eating The Biology On Food To Reinvent The Body You Want!

The human body is energy, its basic function is to keep your body alive, and your body is in a healthy state when its energy is in a healthy state. 5-day eating of whole foods is an online program that nourishes the body keeping its energy healthy for you to maintain optimal health.


The biology on food is its composition of the specific foods you eat, and not the amount of food you eat or calories.

Every breakfast, lunch, dinner recipe is made up of nutritional vitamins and minerals that restore your body’s deficiencies. Helping you to shed excess weight easier, clear up your skin, reset your tastebuds, lower your dairy and sugar intake, reinvent the cells of your body.

Chia seed smoothie part biology on food. seeds, with blueberries and kiwi in almond milk

The 5-day whole foods eating program is a diverse array is a combination of whole plant foods for the dietary fiber that have a beneficial effect on your health, along with fish and chicken recipes.

There is an array, I’ll be providing you with a handbook with details on putting together easily, of smoothies, berries, fruit, vegetable and green juices, and lattes.

Wocdetox is short for Women of Color Detox, that created four seasonal programs that matches the environment you presently live in.  So today join the season that’s appropriate for you and get started. I’ll be there to guide you during the 5-days of renewal and rejuvenation.

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