Healthy Eating, Good Nutrition And How To Stay Healthy!

As powerful as healthy eating is, few people, and I am one of those people, can follow a restrictive diet long term. Eating what you love may be the reason you have health issues and feeling stuffed and miserable afterward ruin the meal.

But with practical mind-body approach changes the conversation from rigid nutrition rules to habits for long-term healthy lifestyle changes.

No doubt you have heard of the food pyramid, a visual guide to choosing a healthy diet.  You may have also heard that the food pyramid has undergone a series of major revisions over the past decade or so. 

Healthy eating. Healthy Eating Plate.

In the original pyramid, meats and other proteins occupied the lowest, or widest, part of the pyramid.  Since that area of a pyramid is the largest, the visual reference is that a person should eat the most in that particular category each day.

As the pyramid narrows towards its peak, a person would eat progressively smaller amounts of those categories in their daily diet.  It was pretty simple to follow this pyramid until nutritionists changed their thinking on what constitutes the best diet. 

Healthy Eating Tips!

The original pyramid was based on the premise of a balanced diet.  Nutritionists concluded over time, however, that the goal should not be a balanced diet, but rather a healthy diet.  A healthy diet is one that is grounded in three nutrition basics:

  1. Your diet should enable you to feel great.

  2. Your diet should give you more energy all day.

  3. Your diet should allow you to actually be healthy by helping you lower your risk of cancer and other diseases.

It is now thought that healthy eating needs to be proactive – a healthy diet is one that accomplishes the three goals listed above.   But what needed to change about the pyramid to meet these objectives?

The foundation of a healthy diet is fruits and vegetables.  They are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.   They are nutrient dense and therefore meet needs for basic nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables now occupy the base of a healthy eating pyramid for the simple reason that they best satisfy an individual’s nutrition needs.  Furthermore, they are vital sources of antioxidants which protect against cancer.

The intent here is for you to enjoy eating foods that are nutritious, isn’t restrictive or perfect for your diet. No…. this is simply for you to choose what to eat with lots of information that easy for you to understand, remember so you can choose and is part of your body detox diet.

Healthy Eating And Good Nutrition

Also occupying the lowest and widest part of a healthy eating pyramid are whole grains. Whole grains are essential for long lasting energy.  They are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants and studies have shown that people who each whole grains have healthier hearts.

Whole grains are also a key in preventing coronary heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.  Whole grains have fiber which keeps your digestive system functioning properly.  In short, whole grains help you feel great, give you more energy and allow you to be healthy – the goals of good nutrition.

So when considering how to alter your eating habits to a healthier regimen, you need only remember the goals of nutrition. 

  • Select the foods you eat based on their ability to meet these goals, and you will be eating a healthy diet.

Use the food pyramid as a visual guide, but always keep in mind that -

  • if a good selection doesn't help you feel great;
  • or doesn't give you energy;
  • or doesn't help you protect yourself from disease;

it should not be more prevalent in your diet than fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Healthy Lifestyle And How To Stay Healthy!

Here are two questions I’d like you to think about and also answer for yourself. With the awareness of your eating patterns – instinctive eating, overeating and restrictive eating, you’ll be able to easily make the choice to make healthy eating a habit.

This way you can invest your energy in eating what you love in their due season in a different way.


Why do you eat, what is driving your eating at any given time? ‘For me a lot of the times I’m driven to eat because of my present emotions or triggers that has happened or is happening. A temporary distraction or pleasure.’


Fo you I want you to remind yourself that all foods can fit into a healthy diet and ask yourself these questions to help you choose delicious and nutritious snacks and meals:

  • What do I want?

  • What do I need?

  • What do I have?

When do you eat? I learned and made a note of my body’s hungry signals, and that all foods fit the approach to healthy eating. This doesn’t mean eating the same type of foods all the time… you’ll get bored.

To stay motivated means having a meal planner listing what to eat throughout the day and nourishing foods that grows and are plentiful in the season you’re in helps to satisfy your cravings. And have it available to eat when hungry.

I hope you now realize that eating with intention and attention increases your enjoyment and satisfaction with your meal.

Let me help you in your planning and awareness of the appearance, aroma, flavors and textures of your food as well as your satiety signals to help you determine when you’ve had enough.

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