Momentum Of Movement Is A Powerful Force

Momentum is a powerful force and all you need to do to stop this powerful force is to give yourself permission to stop. Once I’m in motion, whether in the completion of a task, or in the moment of exercising, the tendency is to keep going, or moving. I’m in the rhythm of the movement.

Beautiful black dancer.

And when your movements are in both your body and mind…especially when hurrying and worrying, all you need to stop the momentum of your mind and body is to give yourself permission to stop.

Take a pause. I know this sometime is very hard to do.

I now know that our body is energy, and it keeps us alive. But with the tiniest of change in our body’s energy field can lead to physical disruptions. When you work or learn how to balance your own energy it turns out to be the most effective and effortless way to heal yourself.

Without a doubt your body needs reinventing, because for you to have a meaningful life you must use your body and you can’t experience life without your body. So both your body and life are meaningful.

Detoxification To Enhance Your Body's Continued Changes

Here are some of the physical changes that you make to your body consciously and unconsciously with awareness and detoxification:

  • Every bite of food you eat alters your daily metabolism, electrolyte balance and proportion of fat to muscle.

  • Your stress level raises and lowers your immune system.

  • Your inactivity creates muscle atrophy.

  • And every time you exercise, you alter your skeleton and muscles.

  • Every new thought creates a unique pattern of brain activity.

  • With detoxing you help create new vibrant cells.

Your body is alive with unknow abilities, even to healing itself, but it looks to you for direction. Once you introduce an intention your body finds a way, on its own to adapt to what you desire.

Its all part of your momentum’s powerful forces.

Momentum Of Movements For Your Mind, Body And Soul

See for yourself momentum powerful force by implementing these practices:

  • Breathe deeply and mindfully for a few breaths. 
  • Recognize any worried or hurried thoughts with acceptance and then let them go… 
  • Physically stop moving.
  • With awareness scan your body, feel and listen to your body. How does stopping feel?
  • Open your awareness to any remaining sensation of movement in your body. This is your momentum, still present.
  • Notice also the sensations in the parts of your body that are truly still and not moving.
  • Set your intention. Say to yourself….may I find more self-compassion and ease through this practice.
  • Ask yourself ‘is it okay to stop now?’

So the next time you are feeling hurried, rushed, worried, acknowledge those feelings with compassion for yourself and give yourself permission to stop the momentum of moving.

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