Natural Detoxification - Ten Easy Strategies You Can Implement

Our bodies have natural detoxification features that sometimes struggle to work efficiently due to what we eat, where we live, and our overall lifestyle. There are things you can do to assist these features.

Contrary to popular belief detoxing is not about following fad diets. Its about deepening the removal of unnatural stuff from our bodies, mind and environment, to enable us to function at our full potential.

Here are ten easy strategies you can implement right now to deepen your detox.

Get A Massage

  1. Yes!! Although this sounds like a luxury, a massage is highly effective at helping the lymph system mobilize and drain toxins.

    Body massage.
    Plus, a massage will help dial down your nervous system by triggering the parasympathetic system. You will switch from an adrenaline, cortisol state to a calm, relaxed state.

    This will help balance your hormones and help stabilize your blood sugar.

  2. How About A Yoga Class?

  3. A yoga class allows your body to sweat out toxins, and spinal twists are considered highly cleansing to the body.

    Many yoga studios offer a free first class; be sure to check in your area. Or join your neighborhood YMCA where classes are offered.

  4. An Epsom Salt Bath

  5. Take an Epsom Salt Bath 2 – 3 times during the detox week.

    If you have a tough time sleeping, this is a great way to help your nervous system relax before bed. Be sure to use 2 cups of Epsom salts per bath for the highest natural detoxification cleanse effect.

    Epson sales are well known for drawing toxins out through the skin.

  6. Try Dry Skin Brushing

  7. Take a stiff natural bristle brush and lightly brush your skin in upward strokes, starting at the feet. Then move towards the arms beginning at the hands, always brushing toward your heart.

    You can do this before bed or before you get in the shower. Dry skin brushing stimulates the skin, increases lymphatic drainage and helps bring blood to the surface of the skin.

  8. Move Your Body Daily - The Best Natural Detoxification

  9. Take a walk, go for a swim or simply dance around your home. Find an activity that makes you smile, and get your body moving to increase your circulation, sweat and change your thoughts.

  10. Clean Up Your Skin Care Regimen

  11. The skin is the body’s largest detox organ, and many things we put ON our skin ends up IN our bloodstream.

    For the week of the detox, ditch the chemical-laden lotions and try coconut oil, raw sesame oil or Ayurvedic body oil instead. You won’t believe how great your skin feels.

  12. Take A Nap

    Women taking a nap - a Natural Detoxification Recovery method.
  13. If you find yourself tired, take a nap. A detox cleanse is a high-energy process. It is normal to feel a little drained.

    Your body is working hard to mobilize, process and unload toxins. Listen to your body and get enough rest so your body can function optimally.

  14. Have A Sauna

  15. Head to your local sauna to sweat and release toxins. Sweating in a sauna helps get your lymph system moving, which is needed to allow toxins to mobilize from your fat and release from your system.

  16. A Cold Splash

  17. Finish each shower with a cold splash. This is a practice known as hydrotherapy that helps direct blood to the internal organs.

  18. Tongue Scraping

  19. Tongue scrape in the morning. I learned how important this was at my nutrition school and it was a surprise to me.

    To tongue scrape, you’ll need to buy a tongue scraper. Simply stick your tongue out and run the scraper along your tongue from back to front in a sweeping motion. Try to get as far back as you can without gagging, and be sure to scrape the entire surface area of your tongue.

    Tip:- do this over the sink, you may be surprised at how much gunk comes off.

    Despite the name, tongue scraping doesn’t hurt. It’s a great way to remove bacteria from the tongue and can help reduce cravings by exposing new taste buds and decreasing remnants of food that can cause cravings. If you don’t have a tongue scraper, you can simply use an overturned spoon.

I know ... that was a lot. I hope you'll even do some of these strategies and deepen your natural detoxification journey.

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