Does No Foods Off Limits Labeling Create A Fear Based Mindset?

One of my mottos is no foods off limits if you enjoy them. Mother Nature created only the best for our bodies to be vibrant, strong and to move through life easily and joyfully. Food is so multi-faceted. Yes... it provides nutrition for our bodies, but it also brings people together to foster loving community. 

And oh boy...It can also be emotional when choosing dishes that bring back family memories or remind you of the past. 


Though the most important thing to remember is it should never feel wrong to engage in the practice of sharing a meal.

Hi I’m Donna Williams, Certified Integrative Health Coach, owner and creator of websites and Within these two websites I guide women of color and others on how to lower their high blood pressure naturally without giving up their favorite foods and on developing a sustainable habit of eating whole foods that detox and cleanse daily.

No Foods Off Limits

Intuitive eating is rising in popularity, with more people sharing about it across social media platforms and popular blogs. One of the main principles is that there are no foods off limits especially if they are part of your culture and you enjoy them.

Dish with No foods off limits writing.

For example, labeling foods as bad creates a fear-based mindset around food, which can trigger disordered eating. Restrictions lead to more intense cravings, which can cause you to feel like you have lousy willpower when it actually goes deeper into our mindset.

Instead of looking at food with rules and rigidity, try to view foods as neutral and check-in with yourself while eating to discern when you may be full. Focus on eating foods that make you feel good, and make room for the foods you love, too! 

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Eat Your Way To Longevity!

We can eat our way to a long life, that’s one of the reasons why no foods off limit is so important. In actuality food is the primary system for all body detox weight loss plan and achieving optimal health.


There are a couple of areas in which we have control over our destiny and ultimately increase our odds of living a long and healthy life and they include: 

  • The foods we eat, with the combinations of fruits and vegetables,
  • Supplements we take
  • Detoxification of our cells with the foods we eat
  • Exercise to build muscles and help slow the process of aging
  • Sleep to renew the body
  • Stress Reduction
  • Our spirituality and emotional feelings


Ultimately, the foods we enjoy is probably the most powerful drug we have in the prevention of diseases that ages us.

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