Spring Cleaning Strategies For Your Life!

Spring has sprung, so its time for spring cleaning strategies for your life. I love this time of the year, with the clock jumping forward one hour and making me crazy for the initial start of daylight-saving time.

After a long winter, we cannot wait for that first warm, sunny day that signals the change of seasons. We open the windows, swap out all of the linens, deep clean everything, and generally follow the traditional steps for a great seasonal reset. 


Hitting the reset button doesn't have to stop with your closet and pantry, though. Approaching this spring cleaning framework can flow into other aspects of your life, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the season ahead.

Hi I’m Donna Williams, Certified Integrated Health Coach, owner of WOCDetox.com, short for women of color detox. A website that offers group classes and individuals seasonal whole foods cleanse, that helps the body renew itself and have you feeling energized, help you to lose weight while eating seasonal real foods. I also offer private coaching.

So back to spring cleaning strategies for your life.

Spring Cleaning Strategies For Your Life!

I want to tell you about the few ways you can spread spring cleaning energy throughout other parts of your life and that includes a whole foods body detox cleanse.  Lets start with getting physical. Remember that song ‘lets get physical’, it applies here also.

Get Physical

Taking care of our bodies is incredibly important. After all, it's the vessel that carries us and allows us to experience life fully. Helping it run its best will significantly impact how we interact with ourselves, others, and the world. 

So lets really zero in on what is lacking.  

  • Maybe you need to focus on eating more whole foods. 
  • Perhaps you need to up your vitamins, minerals, and supplements. 
  • Maybe hitting the gym has happened less and less lately, and you need to work on a new routine. 

If it feels overwhelming to do a total overhaul, start with one new habit and build. But taking care of your physical being will never be something you regret spending time and energy on.


Never!! Its so rewardingBecause of my discipline in this area of my life I’m flexible, from a standing position I can bend over and easily touch my toes and the floor. I move through life in a physically fit and pain-free body, that is strong, and vibrant.


This area of our lives has been more on display in the last two years than ever before. Since it's not something we can see, mental health often takes a backseat to (quite literally) everything else. 

But going into a new season, it's imperative to leave behind what doesn't serve us.  One practice you can implement to help with this is journaling.  This is sooo good.  You can write anything….with complete freedom - no one else sees it but you.  Especially when you take off society’s norms of dos and don’ts.  

And get this afterwards you can shred, burn or keep it as something to look back on later in life. That way you’ll see how you’re really doing.

It's amazing what you'll uncover -- you'll start to see a pattern in your beliefs, and you'll notice what is taking center stage in your thoughts and you’ll know what to tackle first. 

This is also a great time to consider what helps you mentally feel refreshed and rested. 

And I want you to make a list of these restful things so that you can add them to your schedule each week.  

Our Spirituality

Spirituality has been my saving grace.  No matter what fills your spiritual cup, it never hurts to find new ways to put emphasis on this aspect of life. 

When we make time to be present and connect with something bigger than ourselves, it begins to put life in perspective. And I think there has been such movement happening within many of us lately, especially with every one of us knowing lots of individuals, whether family, friend or neighbor who have died due to Covid.

It has impacted us all.

So moving through life with this lens can change how we react to and learn from the things we experience. This is our time to dive into what we know or try new things. 

It can be a visit to your local place of worship or a walk in the park to appreciate nature, where you speak gratitude and affirmations over yourself. If you've felt disconnected, it's time to reconnect. 

Spring Cleaning Thoughts

When I first began to implement these steps, I realized that I felt like I was stepping into a new season of life that is giving me the opportunity for a fresh start. 

This isn't without doing the work, but the work often makes it that much sweeter. So here's to new behaviors and attitudes and walking through your next season of life feeling a bit lighter.


These steps have done a lot for me and hopefully for you these suggestions will be part of your decision in starting your journey on the Spring Cleaning Strategies for Your Life.


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