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Sugar Is Not Sweet To Your Body

Sugar detox isn’t easy, and the withdrawal symptoms can be just as difficult. Do you want lasting energy? Less belly fat!! Younger looking skin? Of course, you do and yes even you can ditch sugar. Also a diet full of sugary treats leads to the reduction in your skin’s elasticity and premature wrinkles.

Within this page is all the motivation you’ll need to ditch the sweet stuff. Sugar is not sweet to your body.

Have you had the feeling that eating just a little sugar creates a desire for more? Here’s an opportunity to finally control this sweet indulgent, not through willpower or discipline but by understanding what causes those uncontrollable cravings. More on this below.

Sugary sweet cake.

Its important to know that there are two categories of sugar, naturally occurring that is found in fruits and some vegetables; and the sugar that’s added to foods during its processing. Your body doesn't know the difference between naturally occurring and added refined sugars because they are identical chemically.

Added sugar is the kind you need to limit. It increases your inflammation while developing various disorders including heart disease. 

When you cut back on sugar, your cravings tend to increase and you initially experience withdrawal symptoms.

The reason for the withdrawal symptoms is sugar affects the brain the same way an addictive substance does. It triggers the release of dopamine in the same area of the brain that’s implicated in the response to heroin and cocaine.


So when you initially start your cutting back on sugar, detoxification changes within the body are happening that includes some withdrawal symptoms.

Sugar Detox And Withdrawal Symptoms

Everyone’s body reacts differently. I drank my tea and coffee without any form of sugar at the start of my sugar detox. I became impatient, moody and it lasted for less than a week. And at first I didn’t even connect my moodiness to not having sugar. 

My taste-buds have changed along with my sugar habits. Now when I taste anything with sugar it tastes awful. 

Know that your withdrawal symptoms severity depends on how much sugar you usually consume, but rest assure it will get better and usually within a week.

Beating The Side Effects Of A Sugar Detox

Here are some tips on beating the side effects of a sugar detox:

  • Start slowing, one thing at a time, don’t go cold turkey.
Bitter black coffee.
  • Eat some bitter foods to slow down your brain receptors that have you craving sugar. Bitter foods like arugula, broccoli rabe and some black coffee.
  • Eat more protein, drink more greens, increase your fiber intake.
  • Don’t exchange sugar for artificial sweeteners.
  • Exercise to manage your stress/anxiety.

Lets Talk About Your Nutritional Needs

Its so easy to lose sight of your body’s nutritional needs when you are so focused on your sugar detoxing and the great benefit of losing weight. You forget about your energy requirements, your body type, age and overall health as well as any special conditions you might have.

Your caloric needs and its effects of a decreased caloric intake must be discussed with your doctor.

We’re all different, so the weight loss methods that works for your friend or even your family member might not necessarily work for you. However, there are some basic guidelines that will enable you to detox, keep your weight down and remain healthy.

Here are some guidelines that will lead to good nutritional health:

  • Do not eat an unbalanced or unvaried diet. My seasonal whole foods menus are varied and nutritious.

  • For improved health and longevity changing your eating habits should be part of your plan.

  • Become aware and listen to your internal body signals and eat only when hunger is felt.

  • Try not to eat only because of social, emotional or enticement pressures.

  • Do not eat too much salt or sugar.

  • Avoid too much cholesterol or saturated fat.

  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume.

  • And, increase your intake of fiber foods.

Curb Your Sugar Cravings Wellness Workshop With Donna Williams

This workshop will inspire you to permanently change your relationship with sugar and turn your life around through the power of healthy eating. 

Donna Williams.

Have you experienced the feeling that eating just a little sugar creates the desire for more?

Like most Americans or lots of individuals today, you may be addicted to sugar. This is an opportunity to finally control what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline but by understanding what causes those uncontrollable cravings and knowing that you can reduce them naturally over time.

Contact me at and lets do a virtual sugar detox workshop.

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