We Live In An Increasingly Toxic World!

We live in an increasingly toxic world. Now you have the choice to either bury your head in the sand and pretend pollution or even climate change aren't happening or pay attention and do what you can to keep your world, yourself and family as healthy as possible.

Hi I’m Donna Williams, Holistic Health Coach, Author and creator of wocdetox.com.

I am a woman of color that created a website and an online program that speaks to women of color about detoxification, while enjoying their favorite whole foods that grows during the four seasons of the year.

Its a purification ritual that follows every seasonal change. You’ll notice over time how aware you’ll become of the Temple that is your body and protect it from self-abusive elements like drugs, tobacco, liberate yourself from diseases of the body, by making your self-care a priority.

The Earth is already expressing her discontent with how humankind has worked against the natural laws of the land. Ultimately, we have worked against ourselves. All have led to the production of impure waters, drought, devitalized soil, and poisonous air.

You And This Toxic World

Our bodies are now under assault from endocrine disrupters – these are ‘forever chemicals’. This toxic world of ours now has at least 98% of its population filled with waste, worms, and poisons.

There’s so much evidence because our toxic world contains soaring numbers of individuals with diseases, premature aging, heart attacks, with mental, spiritual and physical breakdowns everywhere.

5-Day Detox for Beginners. https://www.wocdetox.com/seasonal-detox-programs.html

We have no choice but for all of us, if we want to, or if we are going to rise above the diseases of the body, mind and soul put into effect a holistic health plan. This holistic health plan is about cleansing, spirituality, relationships, cooking, joy, home environment, social life, career and physical activity, as part of our lifestyle.

Due to my own awakening from near death due to the chronic disease of high blood pressure that invaded my body, along with its many complications, I had to liberate myself so that I could acquire quality health, joy, peace of mind and healing.

Benefits Of A Holistic Health Plan

I am hoping you too will want to use our Creator’s tool to heal yourselves. Here’s how you can benefit and heal thyself using the holistic health plan:

  • Consuming sun-ripened foods, using herbs, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, hydrotherapy, massages and more.
  • A purification ritual that follows every seasonal change. You’ll notice over time how aware you’ve become of the Temple of your body and protect it from self-abusive elements like drugs, tobacco, and start making self-care a priority.
  • Follow the dietary timetable that is ruled by the Sun – that means detoxification should be a ritual with every seasonal change to affirm health, along with dreams and prayer.
  • Become more loving, gentle and in tune with your inner being and with your partner.
  • Detoxication help you to liberate yourself from diseases of the body, heart and mind.
  • Gain clear skin, devoid of acne and a decrease of wrinkles and lines.
  • Experience weight loss.
  • Experience greater sexual fulfillment and more intense orgasms
  • Develop a body that will taste delicious and remove body odors.
  • You and your family shares in a healthy, progressive, strong and loving family unit.
  • Deep cleansing and rejuvenation before conception may create a disease-free baby.
  • Have fewer/less aches and pains.
  • Slow the aging process and increase your physical power and strength.
  • Become more creative, develop brain power and increase memory.

There is so much more to detoxification when embraced to its fullest extent because it also includes your spirituality. For now, the problem is we are over-exposed to toxins and our bodies just can't keep up.

Let me share with you how you can get great support program where you get to eat real food, with connection to a group, because you are so much less likely to 'cheat' when you have someone on your side.

Also its easier to stick to a detox if you are using an easy to follow program with real food. So click on the this link that takes you to four seasons of the year and choose the one you are presently living in and get started.

I’m here to support you.

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