Eating Locally And Seasonally Is Good For A Healthy Gut And Body!

Do you know that eating locally and seasonally is pertinent for a healthy gut and body? If you've been experiencing digestive issues, lack of energy or frequent illness, don't miss any of my upcoming seasonal eating online class.

Hi I’m Donna Williams, Holistic Health Coach and owner and creator of, short for women of color

I live in New York and every year we have restaurant week where we can enjoy a three-course meal at a reduced price. And let me tell you it is worth every penny. The food is great with the choice of locally grown and seasonal foods available. It is a delightful time to sample great foods at a restaurant you have always wanted to go to or just being out and about.

In my excitement I digress, it was just announced that instead of a week it will be 5 weeks. I am so excited.

Our forefathers didn't have access to eating so abundantly on an ongoing basis. They traditionally ate locally grown, seasonal foods.

Eating Locally And Seasonally

Unfortunately, with civilization comes changes and not all are good changes. Changed is our traditional way of eating, now we consume every type of foods that's available, regardless of the season or environment in which it is grown.

When we eat the same thing in every season, all year round, it limits the diversity of our gut microorganisms, and reduces our resilience and vitality.

So eating seasonally is essential to create a more diverse microbiome enhances your well-being, and supports your immunity. 


In my 4 seasons of eating online programs, you’ll discover how eating locally grown, seasonal food aligns with our internal environment, and that is your body and it’s organ systems, with the external environment, which is the world around you, creates a system that is physically stronger and prepared for the elements.

Here are just some of the benefits of seasonal eating:

  • Diverse gut micro-flora and improved digestive health.

  • More energy and vitality.

  • A stronger immune system.

  • Alignment with nature and the environment.

  • Balanced weight and a decreased need for dieting and restricting calories.

  • Deeper connection with the earth and environment.

Join me this month, in our virtual group program starting on July 26th, to learn how to create delicious gut and immune supportive recipes during my 5-day summer seasonal eating online class  where you’ll discover and learn how:

  • To boost your immune system by eating foods grown in your local area.

  • How seasonal eating creates a diverse microbiome and improves overall vitality.

  • Download suggested daily protocol, completed shopping list, 5-days of recipes, online group support, and more. All in alignment with your body and environment.

  • How to support your overall health and wellbeing.

Register and get started right now on my 5-day summer detox virtual group program from July 26 – 30, 2021.  Door closes on July 23, 2021.

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